2 New Xbox One Controllers Revealed




If you listen to our podcast (and you should, I am a *delight in every regard), you may remember I mentioned that there leaked a listing for 2 new controllers for the Xbox One, rumored for next month.  Well, that leak was taken down just a bit after I noticed it, during the show, in fact, but now, we have full confirmation.




The Dusk Shadow version will be exclusive to Best Buy, for the reason I am assuming being that it’s blue.




The Copper Shadow version will be exclusive to GameSop, for the reason I am assuming being that people seem to think GameStop is shit.  That is not my personal opinion, however.



Above you can see (and enlarge) all the current Special Edition controllers Microsoft has for sale at various retailers (I still wish they sold the sweet looking Titanfall controller).  There’s plenty to choose from and I love these new additions.  They all look pretty baller to me.   I encourage you to check out the links above in the names so you can see a nice panoramic view of each.  Starting March 22, 2016, you can purchase these bad boys at their respective outlets or MS Store for a hefty price some may argue, sure, but you could also argue that, just like a mattress, it’s worth that price for the duration of the console.

Unless you’re psycho, of course.


*according to an anonymous poll conducted with at least 1 person(s) in this current household




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