Fallout 4 - Part 1


If you’ve ever wanted to watch me play Fallout 4, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t – now is your chance!!  Up until this play through I had never used a melee weapon or thrown a punch in the current game.  This will be new to me, and hopefully, not an embarrassing experience.

So click to watch Part 1 of my Melee/Unarmed Female Fallout character (or use the video below).  Sadly, audio issues creep up (I muted my mic to cough and forgot to put it back on for a few minutes), but, hopefully you are able to power though like the champ I know you are and continue on this journey with me.  This was streamed on Twitch, the next episodes will be recorded with a capture device.

I love you.

PS  If we’re being totally honest, no one would want to watch me play Fallout 4, but don’t tell anyone that.   Like the video, comment on it, share this with your friends.  I still owe my Bookie $800K…

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