Celebrate Pokemon Day @ GameStop & Receive a Freebie



If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks you may not have known that Pokémon is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year.  If you’ve been living in America your whole life, or you just don’t pay attention to anything outside our borders, you also may not have known that, because to us, Pokemon isn’t 20 years old for another 2 years.   Whatever the age of the world’s favorite pocket monsters – I JUST FINALLY GOT THAT – Nintendo is making 2016 a year to remember.

The 3DS Virtual Console is finally getting partial remakes (more aptly, updated ports) of the originators, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.  Remember those?  Surely you do, in some form or fashion.  You can also get special bundles for your game/system of choice (regional equivalent, of course).


But that isn’t all, there’s a load of other Pokémon goods you can buy on this day, and some even get a 20% discount.  All this happens at your local GameStop.



Did you think this was all?  No, friends, this partnership is giving you more, because at participating locations, you can also practice your fighting skills in Pokkén Tournament weeks before it releases on Wii U.



Special 2016 Pokémon Distribution Event Details

Right now, GameStop has a special code card with Mr. 151 himself, Mew available only until 2/24/16.  However, if your local store’s area is not as Poké-fanatical as you, you may still be able to secure one on the 27th.  Remember:


3 catch


With hundreds of critters large and small to collect, dozens of games to play, and so much merchandise to enjoy you’d have to be Bill Gates to afford it all, there’s no better time to jump in (or back in) to the joyous wonders of animal slavery friendship.   Thank you, Nintendo.


May or may not be currently accurate.  You do the math.  My eyes hurt.



This was all I could catch today. I ran out of Poké Balls. I did find a couple of posters in a trash can, though, so that’s neat.

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