Hitman’s beta gets a launch date and some more juicy details

Hitman will begin its beta on Friday, less than a month away from the first episode’s release, and the trailer above details what the story is about, which is Agent 47’s origin story.

This beta will be set in a “top secret recuriting and trainiing facility” operated by the International Contract Agency, whom you hear in every voice over of the game so far. There will be live targets, and disguising yourself in cool suits.

Beta access to Hitman will be limited to digital pre-orders only, so if you have a physical pre-order and you want to get in on the beta, I highly recommend going to Amazon Digital Services or GameStop Digital and pre-ordering a copy until you get a code for the beta, and then you can cancel, because well, you already have it on pre-order. The first episode costs $15, and $10 for future episodes, if you don’t buy the complete experience for $60, or just upgrade for $50. It’s really confusing.

Hitman launches March 11th on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, but PlayStation 4 gamers get exclusive content.

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