Fear not, Deep Down is still happening

Hey, remember Capcom’s Deep Down? I sure as hell do. It’s been a year since we’ve heard even the tiniest of rumblings about the game, and one would be right to assume that the game was just canceled or in development hell.

Fortunately, the game has not been canceled, as Capcom has just requested a fourth extension on the Deep Down trademark.

The application for the extension states that Capcom “continues its efforts in conducting product and/or service research or development with respect to the allowed good and services.”

This doesn’t mean much, outside of a promise. A promise that Capcom, at some point, will use the name Deep Down before another trademark extension needs to be filed.

After this one, Capcom only has about two more extensions before they have to give the trademark to Deep Down back to USPTO, the governing agency in charge of trademark law.

If this is allowed to go through, and assuming Capcom uses every extension, it could be quite possible that Deep Down could be used by February 2017, so buckle up, we’ve got awhile to go before this story ends.

Capcom, if you’re still reading this, if at all, please give us news on Deep Down. Thanks.

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