Umbrella Corps: New Info & Trailer via Capcom


Easy, boys… No need to get hostile. Right…?

This past September at Sony’s Tokyo Game Show conference Capcom announced Umbrella Corps.  This game came out of nowhere for a lot of people and some had no idea what to think.  Others had a clear idea of what to think based off the less-than-well received Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.  Enough has been said about that game, warranted or not, so if you care enough, your own research may help you form a better opinion on that one.  Umbrella Corps takes that general idea and refines it to a smaller scope experience based mostly around a fast-paced online multiplayer shooter.  You can get a little more info on the here from us and the initial thoughts the announcement garnered.

Cut to the present, here we are at the end of January 2016, the month the game was to be released on PS4 and PC, and clearly that isn’t the case anymore.  While that may sadden some, we now at least have some new info straight from the zombie master’s mouth via a new trailer.  What once was January is now May, and what once was multiplayer only (assumed?), now has a single player component.  News that is right up my alley, for sure and news that gave me even more interest in this game.  Was this mode the reason for the delay?  I don’t know, and I don’t care.  That means there’s more time to polish and get everything ready and on the flip side there’s plenty of games for us to play while waiting (especially the newly released Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster).  Gone are the days when nothing came out for months at a time, when even crap was scooped up just to have something new in your system once it did, so the delay to May 2016 doesn’t sting like it would have during those darker times.  You may be too young to remember those days.  I am not.  I remember them vividly.

Does this look a little familiar?

As you can see from the screen above, a new legacy map is revealed as well for fans of the breakout hit that brought the most attention to the franchise (Resident Evil 4), a move that is at least going to raise eyebrows in a curious manner.  The opening of RE4 sits very high on plenty of people’s favorite moments in gaming lists.  Something that now shows – or hints – we can hopefully assume there will be other maps based on past games in the franchise other than the possibly generic Umbrella buildings and underground areas seen previously.  The more Capcom pulls back the veil on this game, the more we can start piecing together just what exactly we can expect moving forward, especially seeing the new enemies besides zombies and other player controlled mercs, and so far, I’m enjoying it.

If you ever need any help, Edgar here is just the man for the job. He specializes in landscaping, marriage counseling, and colonoscopies. See his brother (and partner) Pedro for booking info.

This game has the ability to far exceed expectations and be great.  It also has the ability to frustrate and further degrade a beloved franchise by debuting broken and just generally being a poor game.  With everything I’ve seen so far, it’s ticking up to the former, but the proof will  be in the pudding once the game releases.  Hopefully we’re all surprised at how good the game is then.  As it stands, the prior info we had already got earned this game a spot on my 2016 Top 10 Most Wanted List.  Take a look at the new trailer here or below to see much more than I could adequately explain in writing and this will likely help you figure out where you draw your line in the sand on what’s to come.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go back to helping Billy and Rebecca escape their nightmare…




Here is an interview video to give more info on the game itself:


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