Capcom will release an update to Street Fighter V this June that will introduce a cinematic story mode for the first time ever. This add-on will be completely free of charge, Capcom announced.

Street Fighter V will have some form of a single-player mode when it launches, however, those stories will only be unique to the character you are playing as, not the entire cast. Those stories I just mentioned will include art from Capcom artist Bengus “Gouda Cheese”. You can see a sampling of what will be included art-wise below.

Anyone who completes the single-player should have enough Fight Money, Street Fighter V‘s in-game currency, to purchase one DLC character, Capcom said. In March, the first post-launch content will launch.

Last but not least, Street Fighter V‘s last Beta will run from January 30th – January 31st, so if you have not played the beta nor given feedback like me, I highly suggest you do so. Street Fighter V launches for PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16th.



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