Necropolis is coming March 17

Necropolis, the stylish, procedurally generated dungeon crawler that takes a teensy bit of inspiration from Dark Souls is launching on Windows on March 17th, developer Harebrained Schemes announced.

The game was announced in late 2014, and outside of PAX and a few other expos, it’s been relatively quiet. Necropolis will launch with a cooperative multiplayer mode supporting up to four players, and it hasn’t been mentioned until just now.

In Necropolis, you play an adventurer, and every restart means a new dungeon and a new adventurer, according to one of the developers, Mike McCain. You should expect to die. A lot. The game is rendered in a minimalist, low-polygonal look emphasizing its geometrical design.

Harebrained Schemes will open up pre-orders on Steam on February 2nd.


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