The Vertical Slice #20: Shuhei, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Thee?

The Vertical Slice

PlayStation Experience and The Game Awards 2015 this week brought a lot of announcements, but we still aren’t pleased with the actual games that we’re announced. We’re not that easy to please, trust me. Either way, enjoy the show this week as we lose our goddamn minds.

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What Are We Playing?

  • Just Cause 3
  • Axiom Verge
  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
  • Rocket League
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Episode One: Penal Colony)
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5
  • Resogun
  • Fallout 3 (Chris)
  • Fallout 4 (Chris)
  • Final Fantasy VII (Chris)

What’s in the Headlines?

  • Our Reactions to the PlayStation Experience 2015 Keynote
  • Our Reactions to The Game Awards 2015

What’s Went Live?

What Games…

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