From Me To You: 6 Months into The Vertical Slice

Dear fans,

At this exact moment in time this is going to be published, 6 months have come and gone since the very first moment I said I was leaving Proven Gamer to go out and do my own thing with Chris by my side.

When me and Chris started all this back in June of this year, we weren’t quite sure what would happen. What would be the reaction to us burning The BladedTech Show to the ground? Would people follow us to The Vertical Slice? Would we grow? Will anyone care about us? In a day where anyone can be a journalist, will we even matter? How will we differentiate ourselves from the mass of voices and personalities out there on the World Wide Web?

The amount of your support has been flabbergasting. I don’t think we’ve said it enough, or even at all, but I want to say thank you so much for what you’ve done for us.

This reaction has excited us, but I think I’m gonna be selfish and ask more of you. After this post goes live, there’ll be a link to a survey we want you to fill out to make sure we are giving you what you want from us. Where are we right? Where are we wrong? What can be improved upon? What do you want to see in the future? What should be cut? These are just a handful of issues I want you as a fan to make us aware of, so that we may better serve you.

With The Vertical Slice, we want to try and do a lot of things that make you happy and coming back to The Vertical Slice.

I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished in the short and sweet six months since we decided to start The Vertical Slice. In our first month, we brought a lot more of you than we thought into what we had to offer. While that may not seem like much, I can assure you that it’s astounding to see that kind of support in such short of a notice.

I published an interview with Housemarque, which was a dream come true, as a “PlayStation fanboy”, as most would refer to me. We’ve also reviewed some big titles. Namely, Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIStar Wars BattlefrontNeed for SpeedAssassin’s Creed SyndicateMetal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainBatman: Arkham Knight and more recently, Just Cause 3 (well, it’s a work-in progress, as well as Need for Speed and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate)

I’ll admit, I honestly have had some doubts as to whether or not I could keep The Vertical Slice afloat with what I was doing currently. No longer, though, as these past few months have been the most wondrous of my life.

As a part of the process, we’ve had some big shortcomings. Namely, on the news side of things. We promised you from the start of The Vertical Slice that it’d be “a mix of Polygon and Kinda Funny”. We’re not being true to our word, and I apologize. I can assure you, however, that I am finding ways to solve this issue by better managing the time I spend at home playing video games that I am not reviewing. Which brings me to the other problem: reviews. In September and this month, I’ve kind of become review-crazy and was tackling huge open-world games at the same time, while also trying to make sure I got my points across in each and every review. To remedy this, I’m going to not review any video game until January.

This is why this survey is important. It gives us feedback that we can then implement into our everyday operations of The Vertical Slice and better serve you.

Right now, I want to take the time to tell you what I want to do with The Vertical Slice. The Digest is a new article type that we just launched, and that’s going to be, well, a weekly digest of all the news that caught our eye. New Releases, which also has already launched, is your kind of “heads up, these games are coming” article.

We also want to get more into the YouTube crowd. So, starting in January, we are officially launching the official YouTube for The Vertical Slice. We’re not quite ready to tell you what you’ll find there just yet, but we’re going to try to be an all-encompassing YouTube channel.

We’re also going to aggressively search for people to talk games with, in interview format, of course. Right now, we’re also working on making the site look the best it can. If that means taking The Vertical Slice off WordPress, I’ll do it.

Last and foremost important, we need a logo/brand package if we’re going to go even deeper into this rabbit hole in these next few months.

Thank you for an amazing six months. You’ve been the big reason we keep doing the podcast every week and why we continue to push forward with articles on the site. While we don’t quite know what the next six months (or even 2016) looks like, we can’t wait for you to be on that ride with us.

Your Friend,




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