Rocket League: Chaos Run DLC coming next month

The post-apocalypse comes to Rocket League.

Rocket League is getting a new DLC this December called “Chaos Run” and includes…

  • 2 New Battle-Cars, Ripper and Grog
  • 12 New Decals (six for each new Battle-Car)
  • 2 New Paint Types (Camo and Sun-Damaged)
  • 2 New Wheels (Ripper and Grog)
  • 2 New Rocket Trails (Sandstorm, Nuts and Bolts)
  • 3 New Toppers (Boombox, Cow Skull, Mohawk)
  • 3 New Antennas (Bomb Pole, Radioactive, Retro Ball – Wasteland)
  • 5 New Trophies

As is the norm with Rocket League‘s DLC structure, this DLC will ship with a new arena called “Wasteland”. Based on its predecessor in Supersonic Acrobatic Battle Cars, Wasteland will be the first “non-regulation” pitch to come to Rocket League.

Wasteland is different, though. It’s wider than any stadium you’ll come across and has a dissimilar Boost placement. The big pizza, however, is that the ground is sloped around the perimeter of the arena. Psyonix plans for this to be the first of many “unusual” arena designs that will be introduced in the future.

Some of the other free items are new music from Kevin Riepl and several new Garage items are coming with the launch of the new DLC.

Chaos Run will run you $3.99 USD and ships sometime in early December.


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