Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series — Season One Review

You know nothing.

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series is a complete enigma to me. At first glance, it seems to be a spin-off of the highly-popular HBO show of the same name. It is, but Game of Thrones is also not that either.



This failure to communicate what exactly this game is musters what I think is wrong with this new franchise for Telltale. Where The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead require zero knowledge of existing lore, Game of Thrones requires you to be caught up with the show (and books) at every turn.


Frankly, I am just dissapointed in Telltale. Every series they’ve introduced up to now (with a few exceptions) has been astoundingly good. So, when people who love Telltale games come up to me and ask about “that new Game of Thrones game”, I turn them away because I just can’t recommend it to even the most devout of fans on the fact that I didn’t find the series even remotely enjoyable. Not even once. That’s a big problem for me, because I love Telltale games, and I was excited for this, but it just let me down.


When you get down to brass tacks, Game of Thrones is a game about family. You play as Rodrik Forrester, Ethan Forrester, Asher Forrester, Gared Tuttle and Mira Forrester. This being Game of Thrones, not all of these characters last the entire length of the Season. Also, it’s a Telltale game, so people are definitely going to die. All that said, you never get a real good reason as to why each and every one of these characters has an interesting story or even a sense for their role in the grand narrative Telltale has laid out.


All that said, I do have to at least commend Telltale on their willingness to break their own formula and give this Season six Episodes, because the story is now allowed to breathe a bit more and avoids “the Telltale curse” of the fourth Episode being a huge info dump.

When you take everything into consideration, don’t play this game. I just can’t recommend it for anyone. It just relies too much on prior knowledge of Game of Thrones, and that may prove to be a bitter pill to swallow.


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