Unboxing amiibo with Heazie

These are my dudes!!
These are my dudes!!

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to gather a bunch of amiibo to further my (arguably) disgusting habit of “needing” and wanting things no one should reasonably own with a straight face, but what can I say?  It makes me happy.  So with that out of the way, I took it upon myself to again inconvenience all around me with a series of videos opening the boxes, taking the toys out, looking at them, and giving my banal stories and opinions.  Then, I did the only other thing I could do with said videos:  I put them online to bother the world and further clog up the ever-growing internet space at Google.

Even though I hate John Cena, I can't be angry at this. It's pretty damn cool.
Even though I hate John Cena, I can’t be angry at this. It’s pretty damn cool.

You can check my recent amiibo videos out from their YouTube playlist or you can watch them on this page just below. I’ll post them in order, but if you don’t care for continuity and only for certain figures, you can skip around.  Leave a comment here or on the video if you have anything you want to say to me about the toys, stories, or opinions I give in the videos, or if you just want to mock my fashion sense.  It’s a valid complaint.  I wouldn’t blame you.

And just in case my heart couldn’t take anymore…

Oh, Jebus... PLEASE BE REAL!!

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