Indie Game Spotlight: Brave Hero Yuusha

Time to set off on an adventure!!
Time to set off on an adventure!!

Far be it for me to know the ins and outs of making a video game these days.  In my youth, I thought the way to make a video game was to just draw something on a piece of paper, take said paper and put it onto a printer, let it roll through it, and at that point it was in the computer for you to tell it what to do with simple keywords and phrases.  In my current adult life, I’m almost pretty sure that’s still how it works to this day.  I’d bet your life on it, in fact, which is why it baffles me games cost more than $8 and a smile.  So with that said, who doesn’t like free little indie RPG games that take lots of hard work and effort to recreate that magic that we old timers like myself remember back in the 8-bit days?  Lepers and ruffians, most likely.  Don’t be a leper or ruffian.  You’ll make your parents cry.

Who doesn’t like new friends?

So that brings us to a friend of mine who online goes by the name of SgtMettool.  I’d like to take a minute or several to give a quick shout out to him to applaud his work.  He’s an avid RPG fan and he’s always looking at little side projects to keep himself busy and to have fun with, all while passing on the fun to us in the end.  His latest, as I’m sure you can guess from the logo up top is Brave Hero Yuusha – and by looking at the screens, if you grew up or went back in time with old-school JRPG games, you know what you’re in for.  I’m not that great at giving summaries, so I’ll let the good man do it himself:

Brave Hero Yuusha is a satirical love-letter to an older, simpler time of role-playing games when one’s mission was solely to rid the world of a great evil and save the land. But nobody would be content if we played such a thing straight. Instead, players can look forward to a trope-shattering romp built with visuals heavily inspired from older RPGs; namely Dragon Quest, Hydelide, and Destiny of an Emperor, with extra emphasis on the former. Arm yourselves to the teeth and face off against a rogue’s gallery of monsters and strange creatures as you journey to piece this broken narrative back to the way it should be!

Made with the wonderful RPG Maker (I’m not smart enough to know the technical side, versions, etc., but all that info can be found on his page here), you can start to see just what you’ll be getting yourself into once you take that plunge.  I mean, he’s already got fan art, and the game just dropped!!

Fan art by:
Fan art by:

Anyone with even a halfway decent PC can get in on this action right now, and I urge you to do so.  Whether to relive that nostalgic feeling, helping out an up and coming game dev, fan of old-school JRPGs, or anywhere in between, this is something that is worth taking a moment of your life and giving a shot.  Do so by visiting Brave Hero Yuusha’s RPG Maker page.   And if you do, I hope you give him a shout, lend him some impressions and feedback, and spread the word to like-minded individuals.  They may just be glad you did.  I know I will be.

You don't want these jerks to foil our heroes now do you?
You don’t want these jerks to foil our heroes now do you?

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