Project Spark Goes Free-to-Create

On October 5th, Project Spark will make the transition from its current micro-transaction model to a free creation engine. If you haven’t purchased any of the extra content yet, that’s okay. You won’t need to click “Buy” or anything of the sort, you’ll just own it upon launch of the game, regardless if you’ve played before or not. Microsoft is going to pivot from DLC production and introducing new features to just “giving you the keys to the kingdom”, so to speak.

Project Spark’s goal has always been to empower creativity. We’ve been an incubation engine for ideas from epic to artistic and we plan to continue doing so,” said Rahul Sandil, who acts as Head of Project Spark Acquisition/Engagement. “Project Spark inspires and empowers over 200,000 creators who have shared tens of millions of custom objects, behaviors and experiences. Every day we see anywhere between 300 and 400 new games being uploaded on our platform. Our support of these creators and our communications with them will continue in an open, free and collaborative environment.”

That said, those who have purchased Project Spark content on or after July 28th, 2015, purchased or activated retail discs on or after July 28th, 2015 or have a remainder balance of purchased in-game tokens will be entitled to Microsoft Store credit that is equivalent to the money spent in-game. Microsoft Store credits will be awarded to everyone within 30-60 days after October 5th.

Concurrently, a slew of new content and features will be added to Project Spark on October 5th for creators, which are listed below:

  • Max terrain limit has been doubled
  • Max prop limit has been increased by 500
  • 200+ assets have been added, such as a dragon, goblin warlord, bog biome and a set of primitive building blocks
  • 100 upload slots for each Creator’s creations
  • UGC will now be ranked on download and favorite count, instead of upvote/downvote ratings
  • Marketplace has been removed
  • Tour and Treasure Trove have been removed
  • Achivements have been revamped for players and creators

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