Umbrella Corps announced by Capcom

A once respected company, now nothing more than a bad memory.

Earlier this morning, Capcom announced a new game in the Resident Evil series at the Tokyo Game Show.  Now, with 2016 being the 20th anniversary for Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan), you might expect it’s something along the lines of a core game in the series.  Well, you’d be wrong with that expectation.  Already on their docket for early 2016 is the Resident Evil Collection and Resident Evil 0 Remaster, so technically, they have that covered.  With this announcement, they are trying to tackle another genre once again:  online shooter.

Seems like a swell guy. Probably don't want to mess with him, though.
Seems like a swell guy. Probably don’t want to mess with him, though.

The game will, as far as I can see, be a PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive.  Whether that’s a deal with Sony or not, I don’t know, but nothing I can find says it may one day come to Xbox One.  A digital only title priced at $29.99, it’s an interesting showing.  Capcom has been very impressed with their digital offerings for Resident Evil lately, so that probably has at least a little to do with this decision.  Resident Evil:  Operation Raccoon City probably has a little to do with it as well.  Curiously, in the US at least, it doesn’t look like it will be branded with “Resident Evil” at all.  It will be “set in the world Resident Evil” of course, but what that means as far as “story” goes?  It’s unclear at this point.

Just another Saturday night out with some close friends.
Just another Saturday night out with some close friends.

The game looks to be played in both 1st and 3rd person, with quick and gruesome melee attacks, and a focus on team battles with potential for different classes available on display.  Cover and close quarter combat seems to be the way of life for these soldiers (?).  Unclear to me the scope of the battles, but I’m guessing 4 on 4 seems about right.  Will the zombies and BOWs be the hunted, or just a nuisance to players looking to annihilate opposing teams?  Perhaps both?  You’d have to imagine at least a mode where the goal is to eliminate the undead.  Right?  The game comes across as very fast paced and tactical, so if you’re looking for that type of game set in the Resident Evil universe, this could very well be the game for you.  Take a gander at the trailer below or here if you fancy a new window.

I think he sees you...
I think he sees you…

Not too much is known about the setting of this game, as I said, but I’m going to guess it’s got to be somewhere within the time frame of RE2/RE3.  Total guess based off the little we’ve seen, so I could be very wrong, because I don’t even know if they will try to make heads or tails of even a tiny bit of story context.  They could literally just throw you in and say go, with nothing other than being in Raccoon City.  I wouldn’t like that, but, it wouldn’t necessarily hurt the game because of it.  I see a game in similar fashion to Operation Raccoon City, but much more fast paced, visceral, and less story heavy.  As an owner and day 1 adopter of ORC, while I enjoyed what they tried to do, I liked the concept much more than the execution of that product.  Which is sad, because I spent a pretty penny on the Collector’s Edition and barely touched the game after a short while.  This game, seems to be similar enough to where I don’t know if it’s wise of me to seriously look into a purchase.  I’m garbage with online shooters.  3rd person, 1st person, it doesn’t matter.  I just don’t put the time in to “get good” as the kids say.  Hopefully they learned that the SOCOM-style doesn’t always translate to anything you want to throw it at and work accordingly from there.  I’m cautiously optimistic, and even though I know this isn’t really a game for me, it’s Resident Evil.  My heart says I need it, even if my brain knows I’d just end up dead like the shamblers in the series.

Oh, and Capcom, since you seem to be giving out things people have and haven’t been asking for lately, perhaps you can acknowledge fans want Outbreak File #3?  Because we do.  Or at least a remaster of the original 2 for current gen.  Online works much better now, we promise!!


UPDATE:   Here is Worth Playing giving us a bit more detail into the weaponry and tactics available to players as well as a specific game mode.  Good job, guys!!

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