With these 4 heroes, your castle be crashed.
With these 4 heroes, your castle be crashed.


Who doesn’t appreciate appreciating loyalty?  In a really cool move Castle Crashers creators The Behemoth have just announced via their blog that if you were to have already kept them in business with the first Castle Crashers, for a limited time, you can get the game for free when it launches on Xbox One starting September 9th.   Through 9/20/15 if you already purchased the OG-brawler, you’ll be getting this remastered version free, and starting on 9/21/15 if you were unlucky enough to miss out on redeeming that reward, you’ll still be in luck (albeit not the best luck offered).  On that date going forward if you already own the original version on Xbox 360 and did not purchase your free copy you still have the opportunity to purchase this enhanced version for $5.  It’s hard to argue that this is not a swell thing for Microsoft and The Behemoth to do.


If you need a little primer on what Castle Crashers is, let me give that to you as someone who has already put an unhealthy amount of time into the game since it’s release in 2008.  Castle Crashers is a side scrolling beat ’em up that focuses on 4 knights fighting across the land in their pursuit to rescue the 4 princesses that have been kidnapped an kept in…  Yep, you guessed it:  castles.  Hence the crashing bit.  Along the way you level up, gain new powers and even new allies to aid you on your quest, all while collecting precious gold and items to further the destruction of anything in your path to getting back to the way of life all were accustomed to before this insanity.  And insanity it was and forever will be.

I recommend going to the blog post for yourself to get info on what will be changing in this new version, not because I am too lazy to list it all (debatable), but because the humor they put into their posts is worth a click at the very least.  Besides, I think they’ve earn that.  And check out the trailer below for game play, features, and that sweet, sweet theme song you just may be humming for months to come.

UPDATE:  The Behemoth has another post explaining how to transfer most of your save and character data over to the Xbox One version of the game.  Click here for that post or keep reading for the basics (click the blog post if you want specifics on what does and does not carry over, this will just show you the steps exactly as they lay them out):

On your Xbox 360 console:
-With a current Xbox Live Gold Membership, make sure you are logged into your profile and launch Castle Crashers. (*Note – there is a new update and you will need it for all your save transfer endeavors.)
-From the Main Menu select PLAYER STATISTICS.
-Select UPLOAD SAVE FOR XBOX ONE by pressing RT.
-You will be prompted with a confirmation message. Confirm upload by pressing the A button.
On your Xbox One:
-Launch Castle Crashers Remastered.
-From the Main Menu select “PLAYER STATISTICS”. It is the bottom right red button located underneath the Help & Options. It looks thisPlayerStatistics
-Select DOWNLOAD XBOX 360 SAVE DATA by pressing the X button.
-You will be prompted with a confirmation message. Confirm download by pressing the A button.
Our goal was to not only transfer your game save data, but to also combine the most important elements of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One saves.”


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