Resident Evil 0 gets a lot more Wesker

An unlikely team.
An unlikely team.

With the news earlier this year of Resident Evil 0 getting the REmaster treatment a la REmake, fans could rest easy that the underrated gem (certainly by many casual observers at the time, in the very least) will finally be available in high definition formats.  Achievement and Trophy hunters can look forward to having the badges of honor of beating the game a certain way or killing certain bosses, etc. on their virtual walls for all to see and all was right with the world.  So it’s with that said there wasn’t much more fans and newbies alike could ask for when it comes to this game, because all we really wanted was just a prettier looking, better running version of the game all wrapped up nicely in our current console of choice.  Looks like we were wrong.

Capcom today announced in a surprise move a new mode being included in the RE0 re-release, and it sounds like it could be a wonderful detraction from what we already know and (potentially) love.  Albert Wesker will be playable in his own mode, roaming the mansion and surrounding areas with Rebecca.  You can watch the trailer here in another page or at the bottom of this article when you’re finished reading.  From all we can see, it looks like Wesker is in his final form so-to-speak, with the Uroboros coursing through him from his later adventures in Resident Evil lore.  He’s roaming around with Rebecca and laying waste with his signature speed and strength to anything that gets in his way.  New costumes adorn the villain and heroine, with the latter seemingly referencing the turn Jill took in RE5 due to Wesker’s meddling. Will that have any bearing on the mode’s story line?  That remains to be seen, but I think it’d be cool to see it give more random info into the inner workings of what Wesker and William Birkin were working towards in the pre-Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 stories.  At the very least it should hopefully give reason for this non-canon mode, but, honestly, do we really need a reason?

It'll be fun and interesting to see Wesker in a mode other than something like this in today's climate.
It’ll be fun and interesting to see Wesker in a mode other than something like this in today’s climate.

It’s certainly not canon (unless Capcom AGAIN decides to blow open another plot hole and mess with the timeline.  AGAIN.  Which isn’t uncommon.  Did I mention it could potentially happen…uh, AGAIN?), and I don’t really expect it to be, but just the idea of being able to play as the series’ titular and #1 bad guy, not to mention fan favorite character, in another game is surely more icing on the already delicious cake we’re getting come early 2016.  And believe me, these are calories my body is more than ready and willing to consume.

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