Crash is 19…what are some things he can do to move forward?

Crash Bandicoot is now 19. Holy crap. Let’s put this in perspective: I am the same age as Crash. That’s insane. Anyways, now that he’s 19, he needs to move the fuck out. Here are some ways to improve on Crash. It’s time to shape up, Crash! You’re a fatass!

First and foremost, Crash needs to come home. Activision, please give Sony Computer Entertainment back the license. You have not done anything with Crash since Mind Over Mutant and the less said about that game the better.  Now, of course, as this is a business transaction, Crash wouldn’t come for free. Maybe $200K? Maybe? What’s the franchise even worth? I have no idea, even after trying to buy it from Activision publicly on Twitter.

Another obvious thing: let Naughty Dog swaddle Crash. They created the license, so it’s natural that they’d at least take a swing out of it.

However, there is one stipulation, being that Mark Cerny would need to be the Project Lead, not someone like Bruce Straley or Neil Druckmann working on this no,no,no. I appreciate the work that Bruce and Neil have done on games like The Last of Us and what they’re doing with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, but from what I’ve seen from them, they only know serious games and Crash is not a serious game.

Tech-wise, I’d like the game to be on a custom-built engine or even a modified version of Unreal Engine 4, because I’d imagine Crash is a rather unique character model to build.

In terms of gameplay, I’d love to see the next Crash game go completely free-roam. Now, what this means is that there could be levels to loaded in, sure, but most of the assets in-game would needed to be loaded upon booting up the game, not dissimilar from Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons or Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Oh, and yes, keep the camera exactly the way it is. That camera was perfectly placed at all times and should not be tampered with one bit, as the camera became part of the puzzle-solving instead of something that was just there.

So, that’s what I would do to make Crash relevant again? Do you agree or disagree? Have any counterpoints or things I didn’t mention? Either email us using the Contact Form below or comment below.

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