Fingered! Review

Fingered Review Pic

A whodunit that is more luck than skill-based.

Fingered! is a game all about deduction from the minds of Edmund McMillen and James Id, which means you can expect something more along the lines of The Binding of Isaac than Super Meat Boy. Fingered! makes you kind of a bad guy from the get-go, as you are identifying the suspect based on vague descriptions and executing them immediately via electric chair.

The game starts you with a criminal line-up, all of whom look guilty for some crime or another. This is where the term “easy to learn, hard to master” comes in. Anyone can pick this game up and play it, but only a true master can successfully “finger”  a suspect.

 Time and time again, I found myself rapidly checking the clues provided to me by the witness, second guessing myself at any turn possible. My suspect is definitely rich, so I;m probably good to release all the homeless. The suspect might be a grandpa, so I think it’s time to let all the young kids go. He probably is heavy-set.

In my time with Fingered!, this was always at the forefront of my mind. You can send one innocent person to the electric chair, but anything past that and you’re screwed. Every case is randomized, so there’s no good way to use a walkthrough or memorize patterns. Oh, and did I mention that you most likely get it wrong every time? Also, each witness has a trait that curves your results a bit to throw you off the trail.

Basic Bob might supply in an information in a very…well,basic way. Bigot Barney is a profound racist, so you have to take that into account as well.

All in all, Fingered! is a game you should definitely buy. I mean, come on, it’s $1.87 on Steam right now. It’s crude, weird and absolutely fantastic.

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