Fallout 4, uh, kind of doesn’t end. YAY!! YAY??

So here I am, bleary eyed and confused, just woken up from another night of awful sleeping patterns and restless dreams, and no sooner do I grab the nearest electronic screen does a message pop up:  Fallout 4 is basically eternal.

I’m speaking facetiously of course (mostly), but the sentiment is definitely there.  This isn’t something made up by crazy and/or excited fans of the series.  No, this is coming straight from the brahmin’s mouth.

Hello, can we talk to you for a sec?
Hello, can we talk to you for a sec?

According to Bethesda and their recent Twitter post, Fallout 4 won’t end once you beat the main story a la Fallout 3 and Fallout:  New Vegas, (although in Fallout 3 there was a patch to allow players to wander on into the wastes that changed how the main story ended with the DLC pack Broken Steel – I won’t spoil any of that if you haven’t played it).  So we can all rejoice knowing that we don’t have to artificially prolong the game’s main story for fear of it all ending once the final mission is done.  Full disclosure, I’ll probably still do that.  It’s just how I play certain games.  Is it November yet?

One other tidbit of encouraging news is this:  there is no level cap, either.  Say what?  Yes, you read that right.  Now, if their tweet hasn’t been deleted, you can check it out from the link above, or if it has, I’m sure you can use Bing to find a screenshot of it.  When playing Fallout 3, you were capped at level 20.  Broken Steel brought that cap to 30.  Still, once you hit that, you were done.  No more perks to grab, no more points to assign.  In New Vegas, that cap was raised to 30 from the jump, with each of the 4 DLC expansions raising it 5 more totaling 50 once it was all said and done.  Again, once you hit that, it was over.  Say goodbye to ever getting those wonderful perks you had to struggle with choosing from every couple of levels.  With Fallout 4, presumably you’ll be able to level your character so high that you’ll be almost unstoppable at some point.  I’m OK with that.  I like the progression that way in games where you earn it over time.  I’m 50/50 on games that just give it to you out of nowhere.

When dreaming of Fallout 4, I wondered where they would cap the progress at the start.  Would it be 30?  Would they start where Obsidian left off at 50?  Would they make my dreams come true and cap it at 100?  No, nah, and nope.  Instead, again, presumably, they shattered those dreams and gave me something I didn’t think was possible.  It’s almost like Todd Howard shone down from the heavens and said, “Chris, my boy, you get no level cap.  Enjoy it.”  And with that he blended back into the clouds.  Also when dreaming of one of the most anticipated games in recent memory, I hoped that there would be no end to the game once the main story was completed.  In my brain, I thought to myself they wouldn’t do that again after the backlash from 3 and New Vegas, but knew at the end of the day, if that’s what daddy wanted, daddy would get, as ultimately this is their tale to tell.  And I would be OK with it, because the way I like to play Fallout is to do everything BEFORE the end.  Now it looks like, from all the reports, that it’s going to be hard to see everything in the game anyway that it almost doesn’t matter either way.  Is it November yet?

We don’t have to wait much longer now.  As of today there are roughly only 3 more months until Fallout 4 is released and in our smooth to rough palms, ready to be experienced.  It remains to be seen how Bethesda handles the level cap with game balance, but I’m fairly confident that they won’t let us down.  With so much rumored side content it’s also not out of line to be wary of how long the main story will be.  Again, I’m fairly confident the team won’t let us down.  They’ve been hard at work on this for almost 4 years, and I think they have a good grasp on fan expectations and what they can do with the hardware they were given.  So until the game releases, speculation and potentially out of line worries are all we have going for us.  And you know what?  I’m totally fine with that.  So I leave you with just one question that we all REALLY need answered right now:  IS IT NOVEMBER YET?!?!


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