After weeks (months?) of speculation, we finally get actual confirmation today that ZombiU is now coming out as Zombi for the PS4, XB1, and PC next month as a digital download only on August 18, 2015.  Now all we need is a price point, Ubi (fingers crossed it’s no more than $20)!!

I’m not saying this game is a masterpiece.  I’m not insinuating it set the world on fire when it launched with the Wii U.  I will say that I was not upset with my purchase of this game and the experience I had with it on that console.  I enjoyed it.  Was it rough around the edges?  Sure it was.  Was it graphically impressive?  Not at all, but it wasn’t a bad-looking game, either.  It looked good for the time it released and for the hardware it was released for.  Am I excited to play it on a console I prefer today with hopes that they streamlined it without the GamePad functionality to make it just as fun?  Absolutely.  I like the game and I like that they wanted a “Souls-type” game vibe in a zombie apocalypse setting, even if that style of game isn’t necessarily my cuppa tea, guvnah.

Here’s a bunch of more info on the release from Ubi’s blog that got me more excited for this.  (Ubiblog Zombi Info)

If you’re not into reading all that much, take a gander at the trailer below and hopefully you’ll get at least a little hyped for the game.  London’s calling.  Will you heed her call?


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