Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful_Boyfriend_Review Pic

A game for anybirdie in your life.

Hatoful Boyfriend is, quite honestly, the best dating sim I’ve played in a long while, and let me tell you, I have played my fair share of dating sims. Most option to be a true simulator of romance and tend to be bland because of it.

Hatoful Boyfriend is quite different in this regard. You’re a human that is going through a series of scenarios that lead you to your “one true pair” several times over. The game is very aware that it is a dating sim and goes out of its way to be, y’know, a fun game.


The mechanics are nonexistent, as you are basically a blank slate to be seduced. However, do not mistake this for a lack of character. Yes, the blank slate isn’t quite so, as this slate is a human female that is attracted to avian males and has a very set personality of being a goofball.

Characters in this game outside of the main character are caricatures — the snob, the lazy teacher, the jock, the goofball, etc. All of this makes the experience that more enjoyable and hilarious.

If you are longing for a good time, I urge you to check out the most hilarious dating sim I’ve played in the past five years, which is Cross-Buy across the Vita and PS4.

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