The Quandry of Gaming In A Digital Age

Many of us have been presented with a great question: do we buy the digital version of the game or the disc-based version of the game?

This generation especially that has become a more and more taxing question I find myself asking myself, just by taking a glance at my Download List on PSN and my Ready to Install list on my Xbox One. Do I purchase the digital game because I find it to be more convenient and cost-efficient? Or do I purchase the disc-based version and swallow the costs and my own laziness?

Oh, and don’t forget to take storage space in consideration. This week alone, I’ve had to delete several games off of my PS3 and PlayStation Vita, all so I could just play a few games I bought on sale.  With more modern consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, it’s even more taxing. The PS4 won’t let you install an external hard drive and the Xbox One experience is just managing on ever-changing set of numbers and percentages.

So, what could we change for the better? Well, to start, the PS4 could support at least one external hard drive, the Xbox One could make it easier to manage downloaded games and, well, those last-gen consoles are just going to be dust soon anyways.

However, I do want your opinions on this matter. You can either comment below or let me know on Twitter!

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